Dear EORS members,

On behalf of the local organizing committee we warmly invite the participants of the European Orthopaedic Research Society 2019 to the city of Maastricht, the Netherlands. The Province of Limburg, City of Maastricht, Maastricht University Medical Centre and the Dutch Orthopaedic Society, are happy to host the 2019 EORS meeting in the appealing city of Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands have a longstanding tradition and reputation in clinical and basic research in the orthopaedic field. Not only orthopaedic surgeons but also clinical scientist, material scientists, imaging specialists, physiologists, and basic scientists in University Medical Centers and general hospitals in the Netherlands contribute to the orthopaedic research field on a daily basis. We therefore have a multidisciplinary local and national multidivisional organising committee dedicated to make the EORS 2019 meeting successful in every aspect.

The Maastricht UMC+ has an outstanding clinical and research reputation in orthopaedic research with leading roles in the past on the introduction of HA coatings on total joint implants and the successful introduction of PMMA beads loaded with antibiotics in septic surgery care. Currently, we are an expertise centre on uncemented arthroplasty and one of the infection treatment referral centres in the Netherlands.

Maastricht, as the youngest university in the Netherlands is worldwide known for its teaching method and has become “Leading in Learning”. We offer our expertise, and knowledge to optimise learning and scientific exchange interaction.

Maastricht lies at the heart of a Euregion of 4 million people who live in 3 countries and speak 4 languages. The energy that this generates has resulted in a city that bursts with creativity, with researchers and with young innovators.

Maastricht is the oldest city of the Netherlands. The city
has maintained its epic charm, being a relatively small and compact ‘town’ with about 125.000 inhabitants. The city has an important international focus, with many international institutes, an academic hospital, and a university.
This European city in the Netherlands will provide an outstanding environment for facilitating and encouraging developments in research and clinical aspects of orthopaedic research.

Just as Maastricht is considered to be the cradle of the European Union due to the signing of the treaty of Maastricht we expect the 2019 EORS meeting to be the cradle for further expansion of international research collaboration in orthopaedics. In correspondence we have given our meeting the theme: “ building bridges” and we aim to bridge collaboration between countries, societies, specialties and various fields of study to work towards true translational research.

Maastricht is proud to receive the European Orthopaedic Research Society community in 2019.

On behalf of the local organisation committee.

Chris ArtsChris Arts, conference chair
Associate Professor of Translational Biomaterials Research
Maastricht University Medical Centre