Friday October 4

08:30 Special Symposia & Abstracts
10:00 Coffee Break & Poster session
10:30 Plenary lecture – invited speakers
12:00 Lunch Break & Poster session
13:00 Special Symposia & Abstracts
14:30 Coffee Break & Poster session
15:00 Special Symposia & Abstracts
16:30 Coffee Break & Poster session
16:30 Special Symposia & Abstracts
18:00 General Assembly EORS
20:00 Speakers & Board dinner
20:00 Young Investigators Event

Overview of the special symposia on Friday

S22. Young patients with a total hip: outcome data from the Dutch Hip Registry (LROI) and a hospital based registry

Chairman: Wim Schreurs

– Wim Schreurs (NL)
– Liza van Steenbergen(NL)

The submitted symposium: S22. Young patients with a total hip- outcome data from the Dutch Hip Registry (LROI) and a hospital based registry

S23. Polytrauma

Chairman: Frank Hildebrand    Co-chairman: Klemens Horst

– M. Van Griensven (DE)
– F. Bläsius (DE)
– J. Greven (DE)

The submitted symposium: S23. Polytrauma

S25. Functional assessment in spinal deformity

Chairman: Lennart Scheys


S26. 3D printing

Chairman: Chris Arts

Chris ArtsSpeakers:
– Douglas Dunlop (UK)
– Tim van Cleynenbreugel (BE)
– Holger Jahr (DE)

The submitted symposium: S26. 3D printing

S29. Additive Manufacturing technologies for the design and fabrication of smart orthopedic implants

Chairman: Lorenzo Moroni


S30. Limb lengthening and reconstruction. State of the art and need for translational research.

Chairman: Søren Kold

– Søren Kold (DEN)
– Markus Winther Frost (DEN)
– Ming Shen (DEN)

The submitted symposium: S30. Limb lengthening and reconstruction